We offer a selection of over 2500 fruit and vegetable SKUs from 36 countries worldwide. Our expert teams choose top-quality produce tailored to customer preferences, from ethnic, exotic, organic to conventional produce.

Discover a world of flavours

We're bringing a diverse selection of premium produce straight to your table.

Packed & Inspected

Ever opened a box of mandarins to find a spoiled surprise at the bottom? Not anymore!

Our process guarantees you a top-quality, spoil-free experience. We carefully inspect and package our produce to ensure that it gets to our customers looking and tasting its best.


Utilizing cutting-edge double-bagging machines, our dedicated team ensures that each item meets our high standards. Any produce not meeting our quality criteria is promptly discarded during the inspection process.

37,000 sqft. re-grading & re-packing facility

Custom repack & grading

Variety of packaging options: Eco-friendly Pro-Seal, Giro mesh, eco-friendly & anti-fog BOPP film

Custom labels & packaging design

Discover Our brands

Simply Fresh®

From freshest local produce to highest-quality mandarin oranges, pomelos, Asian pears, garlic, ginger, peas, Asian vegetables, and other ethnic items – Simply Fresh says it all.

Simply Hot®

From mild to wild, our curated line of peppers offers a flavourful journey through various heat levels and ensures easy product handling.

Simply Ripe®

Packaged tropical fruits including papayas, mangoes and avocadoes that are pre-ripened for peak flavour.

Simply Exotics®

Packaged fruits that take you on a global flavour journey, bringing exotic and unique tastes of the world to you plate.

Simply Fresh® Organic

Our house-brand organic spices each consisting of three- or four-ounce packages of garlic, ginger, turmeric or shallots. For consumers who either want smaller quantities or to be assured that the product they’re buying is 100% pure organic.

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